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Netanyahu’s Gaza war: Changing Aims but Predictable Consequences

The US failure to secure a firm ceasefire in the Gaza, as a result of the objections from Egypt and Israel, reflects the new geopolitical reality in the region. Whether Israel’s rejection of Washington’s diplomacy is a prevailing trend remains to be seen. But it is apparent, now more than ever, that the interests of […]

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Collapse of the Arab world necessitates a regional solution

The Arab world is in turmoil. The Arab Spring, which raised hopes and dreams for a wave of democratic reforms throughout the Middle East, is turning into a cold winter. The new US policy in the Middle East departs from the policies of the past decades whereby it does not wish to heavily invest money […]

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Diplomacy, not sanctions, key to deal with Iran

As the American Israel Public Affairs Committee holds its annual policy conference, it would do well to remember that the Obama administration’s diplomacy, not sanctions, has yielded better results, according to a former senior Iranian diplomat. History shows that coercive US policies toward Iran over the past 35 years have not helped the United States […]

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