Will Camp David spur regional cooperation?

President Barack Obama’s meeting with the Gulf Cooperation Council leaders at Camp David on May 14 looks by all accounts like a face-saving attempt by Washington. A well-publicized, high-wire meeting, verbal reassurances, perhaps promises of more political support and some advanced military hardware, that’s all. Nothing more can and should be expected; they simply cannot prevent the nuclear deal between [...]Read More

Is Iran really to blame for Yemen conflict?

The deaths of at least 1,000 Yemenis, including 115 children, and over 3,500 injuries has seemingly been the main result of the Saudi-led military strikes against the country. The conventional wisdom of these attacks on Yemen has been that it is the latest battlefield in a proxy war between Iran and Saudi Arabia. Such portrayals of the conflict often [...]Read More

Iran, a Deal Based on Dialogue Will be a Win-Win for Everyone

“Iran, a Deal Based on Dialogue Will be a Win-Win for Everyone,” interview with Hossein Mousavian, Marina Forti, Reset-Dialogues On Civilizations, April 17, 2015. Read More Read in Italian  Read More

After nuclear deal, what’s next for Iran?

After more than a decade of roller-coaster talks, mostly marked with failure, both sides have finally arrived at a formula that would assure the international community of the strictly peaceful nature of Iran’s nuclear activities, and terminate all unilateral and multilateral economic and financial nuclear-related sanctions imposed on Iran. While the political framework reflects the commitment, [...]Read More