Opposition Group: Iran Testing U.S. with U.N. Nominee

“Opposition Group: Iran Testing U.S. with U.N. Nominee,” Interview with Hossein Mousavian, Paul D. Shinkman, US News, April 18, 2014. Read MoreRead More

Future of US-Iran Relations

Abstract: The election of Hassan Rouhani has been the start of a new path for Iran’s foreign policy, including its relationship with Washington. This paper discusses three schools of thought prevalent in Iran’s regime towards the US, ranging from those who believe America is addicted to hegemony, to those who believe there is inherent antagonism between [...]Read More

Ukraine crisis could strengthen Russia-Iran-China ties

Tensions between Russia and the West have simmered since Ukraine’s Russian-leaning president, Viktor Yanukovych, was ousted on Feb. 21. The crisis culminated when the Crimean Peninsula’s local government, with 60% of its inhabitants identifying themselves as ethnic Russians, called for a referendum on seceding the Crimean Peninsula from Ukraine. While observers view the current Ukraine standoff as [...]Read More

Four scenarios to strike a final nuclear deal with Iran

The world powers are seeking a consensus that allows Iran to retain only a small and indigenousuranium enrichment program.Therefore they want to impose significant physical limits on the heavy water facilities, the number and type of centrifuges, the level of enrichment, the amount of stockpiled enriched uranium and the number of Tehran’s nuclear enrichment facilities — [...]Read More