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Death of Iran’s Rafsanjani: Ex-president was a man of peace

“[Rafsanjani’s] most significant legacy, however, will be of ingraining a mindset of moderation and aversion to radicalism in Iran and the region. While many in the West did not comprehend this in his time, costing him dearly politically, he passed the torch to a new generation in Tehran, making it still possible to right past […]

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What Trump Needs To Know About Iran

“Trump has the option of engaging Iran and bringing stability to a region that has not known it for decades. While distrust between the two countries remains thick in the aftermath of the nuclear deal, the key to broader cooperation is to abandon self-defeating aspirations for regime change and engage in diplomacy based on mutual […]

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Understanding Iran: Perspectives in Practice

This panel (Laura Secor, Seyed Hossein Mousavian, and John Limbert) will convene diverse expertise to explore the politics of post-nuclear deal Iran. “Understanding Iran: Perspectives in Practice,” Annual Modern Iran Academic Panel, Princeton University, April 6, 2016. Video of Panel Information about Panel  

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